Yay! You have been chose to participate in the bumbershoot model call. 

Please check over the following information

then fill out the confirmation form below to secure your spot. 

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Directions to the studio -  47 Spa Road Annapolis MD 21403



we'll start with a quick one pose session of your baby in a neutral scene wearing an outfit of your choice. 

While we take these photos we'll get the nursery styled for your session.


Nursery Items Needed

Banners, books, plush animals, wall art. Crib sheet - white or light neutral color. These items are optional but very helpful and may mean more usable photos from your session. 

Bumbershoot Session

This portion of the session will last 20-30 minutes. You are welcome and encouraged to be in some photos as well. If so please wear light colors. khakis, denim, whites, tans, light grays. 

Bumbershoot Preview-3218.jpg


As thanks for your time and model release you will be gifted a gallery of the best images. These images will be high resolution and will include print release. The will be sent to you in one week from your session and there will be at least 10 images. 

What to bring

  • -One special outfit for the neutral photo portion of the shoot.

  • - 3 pajama options to wear under bumber shoot. 

  • One long sleeve onsie.

  • -A couple nursery decor items to help style our faux nursery.

  • -One crib sheet.

  • Your baby's favorite toy or a snack that they love.

Name *
include a general description of color/theme. If you are unable please also not that. This is to help use have accessories ready throughout the day and anything parents bring will help supplement that.
Are you willing to be in a couple poses? Hands putting bumber on baby. Holding baby wear bumber? If so reminder to wear light colors. Denim, khaki, grays, whites, tans.
Parking is located in rows that say PRISM. Please only park in one of these rows. Please write I understand that you promise to park in a PRISM row. ;)
I understand that I will be asked to sign a model release for use of images of my child. These images will be used by Jennifer Casey Photography and Bumbershoots by Nana for website and advertising purposes.