Hey, you can call me Jen! 

I can tell how someone knows me by what they call me. When I started this whole photography website and purchased a domain I ended up with Jennifer Casey Photography and it's cool but no one ever calls me Jennifer or at least they didn't until I had this website.  My website will probably always say Jennifer but I'll usually just introduce myself as Jen.

I live in Annapolis Maryland with my husband and three cats, Mook, Marlie, and Moon. They are pretty amazing and have a facebook page. My husband is cool too but he doesn't have a facebook page. We've been here for over 4 years now. Last summer I put a Maryland crab sticker on my car so it's official. I'm a Marylander and I'm here to stay because I just love it here. I do visit home fairly often and now have studio space in Methuen, Massachusetts so I can better serve my New England clients. 

Before moving to Maryland I was a teacher in Massachusetts for many years. My focus was in art and I taught with a project-based approach which is basically learning by doing and experimenting. When it came to photography I took this approach and I dove right in and became a self-taught photographer. Sometimes I feel like I'm overflowing with creativity and I just have to get it all out and if I don't I may explode. Honestly, the struggle is real! Thankfully I'm fortunate enough to work in a creative industry doing what I love everyday, and it allows me to keep myself in check through art and expression.

It took a little bit of time before I was comfortable calling myself a professional photographer. It's always a debated topic in the photography industry, but now I call myself a professional photographer with confidence. I've been in this industry going on five years, full time for three. I've photographed hundreds of babies and families, dozens of weddings, and surely a thousand sunsets/sunrise. For me nothing says professional photographer better than a consistent high quality body of work; and of course happy clients.