Digital Photography 101 - The hands on class you've been looking for!

This workshop is designed to improve your photography on multiple levels. You will become more fluent with your camera and it's many buttons and menus while gaining a better understanding of settings, exposure, and how to best capture light. This workshop will consist of classroom time with hands on exercises as well as out in the field time to really reinforce all of your new knowledge and skills. 

We will start at 9:00 am with classroom style workshops with exercises so you can learn by doing. We will cover topics including but not limited to settings, exposure, shooting modes, metering, focusing, and equipment. ***This isn't your typical lecture style class.*** This is a "discuss" then "do" workshop. You will have your camera in hand and there will be many shooting skill activities to "do" as we "discuss" each topic and technique.

During lunch we will take time to focus on creative intent; the recipe for a great image. Please bring a few images on a USB drive for constructive critique as we discuss important elements that are included or need improvement in each image. 

After lunch we will head out to a local shooting location. We will walk, chat, and participate in pre-planned exercises to reinforce our morning topics. At 3:45 pm we will reconvene for out highlighted topic on the day and our final wrap up and reflection. We will end our day at 5:00 pm.

The cost for this day of photography is $99 dollars. Here is the catch, once you attend Digital Photography 101 you are welcome to attend again for just $49 dollars. RSVPs will be limited to 10 photographers at each event. Payment is due at the time of RSVP. 

There is a huge benefit to repeating this class and not just for the discount. Often people learn best by doing and repetition will help reinforce your skills. What is that saying?... Practice, practice, practice. We'll keep it fresh and exciting with new skill activities in addition to different highlighted topic and different shooting location during each event date. This is to ensure that you get the most out of repeat attendance. 

Upcoming Dates

November 15th - Digital Photography 101 

Shooting Location - Downtown Annapolis

Highlighted Topic - Seeking Inspiration - We will cover techniques to look for inspiration in the world around you. Learn to exercise your minds eye to find that stunning shot not yet taken.


December 13th - Digital Photography 101-3

Shooting Location - Jonas Green Park, Annapolis, MD

Highlighted Topic - Winter Photography - Let's focus on skills you'll need for cold weather photography. Learn how to acclimate your gear to colder temperatures then we'll cover helpful techniques to improve the color and exposure of your upcoming winter wonderland images.   Say goodbye to gray under exposed snow!

2015 Dates coming soon!