Introduction to Filter Photography

Introduction to Filter Photography

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Are you interested in filter photography but just don't know where to begin? 

Join me for this introductory workshop where we will talk about everything you need to get started photographing long exposure shots with filters. We'll start in the field where we'll discuss filter types and uses. We'll play and practice. We'll take long exposure shots during the day and focus on achieving that glassy water effect. 

 We will cover stops of light, exposure, and different uses for filters. This workshop is best for a strong beginner+ photographer who has a good working knowledge of shooting in manual modes. 

During this filter photography introduction workshop will we cover the following.

What are neutral density filters? 
What equipment do you need to use them? 
How to use filters to even exposure in landscape scenes. 
How to use filters to achieve longer exposures during daylight.

For this workshop you will need.

-wide lens
-shutter release

I will provide filter kits for use with a variety of different filters to try out. I will have color graduated filters, full neutral density filters, graduated neutral density filters, and color ND combo filters.