Lightroom 101 Workshop

Lightroom 101 Workshop


This is the editing workshop you've been looking for where it all will start to click! Spend less time editing and more time taking pictures.

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Join me in the studio for an introduction to this powerful program. This is the time of year to invest in your editing skills so you can tackle your backlog of images. We all have that back log, right? 

We'll cover this program from import to export and I'll share with you my one minute workflow. We'll even discuss scenarios when you can shoot for the edit. Lightroom has been a vital part of my editing flow for many years now.You'll be amazed what you can do and I look forward to sharing my skills with you. 

****This is a hands on style workshop.**** You will learn by doing as we edit together. You will leave with an easy to follow workflow that will reinforce your editing success. 

We will edit multiple images from start to finish while discussing each change and the reasoning and benefit for it. 

We will learn new techniques then live edit together. This will help to reinforce your new skills.

You will need to bring your laptop with Lightroom 4, 5 or 6 installed.   

We will cover the following

-Complete overview of the develop settings
-How to use the sliders to make basic changes
-which changes to make first, how to triage your edits
-how to make batch edits (more than image edited at once)
-using brushes, graduated filters, and presets for more detailed edits.